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Holistic Integrative Medicine Clinic is a patient centered medical practice with a commitment to personalized patient care. We put our patients first with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

At Holistic Integrative Medical Clinic, we utilize a combination of Evidenced Based Medicine, Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and integrative Medicine to meet the individualized needs of our patients.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a form of medicine that takes into account the interaction of the environment and the patients as well as interactions between our body systems.

Functional medicine identifies the complex mix of causes for illness. For treatment, functional medicine utilizes the latest research findings of supplements, diet and other natural tools for restoring balance in the body's primary physiological processes.


Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is a term used to describe therapies to treat the patient as a whole person. That is, instead of treating an illness as in western medicine, Holistic Medicine looks at an individual's overall physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing while recommending treatment.

Medically supervised weight loss

Our clinic has a patient centered approach to obesity and chronic disease management. The goal of this program is to make healthy lifestyle changes to maintain permanent weight loss by learning to eat sensibly in order to control hunger and lose weight. Weight reduction can help prevent many chronic diseases such as: 

1.   Heart Disease

2.   Type 2 Diabetes

3.   Improve Cholesterol Levels

4.   Improve High Blood Pressure

5.   Lower Risks of Cancer

6.   Reduce Risks of Dementia

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine which takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies. 

Genetic Evaluation & Analysis

We utilize and analyze your genetic data and make recommendations of dietary and lifestyle changes to assist the treatment and prevention of disease.

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